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Antec VP450F and VP550F: two 80Plus of 450W and 550W PSUs

Two new PSUs just made their appearance in the Antec’s catalog, the VP450F and the VP550F. Delivering a power of 450W and 550W, these two power supplies are placed in the entry level. They are only 80Plus certified, and have a non-modular cabling.

As the references suggest, the VP450F and the VP550F come to succeed the VP450 and VP550P. They have a power of 450W (VP450F) and 550W (VP550F) and are 80Plus certified. We regret that they are not 80Plus Bronze certified, as is the case for the next CX Corsair. However, users will appreciate a compact small size, since they measure only 150 x 140 x 86 mm.

Regarding the design, it is pretty standard. In fact, these power supplies are completely black. In addition, the honeycomb holes for the air flow of the fan is directly on the chassis. Not surprisingly, given the target range, they have a fixed wiring. Overall, the number of available slots is just average, we would have liked to see two PCIe (one 6 +2 pin) on the model 450W.

Behold, below, the full list:


VP450F VP550F
24 Pins 1 1
8 Pin EPS 1 1
PCI-E 1 2 (6+2)
SATA 4 5
Molex 3 4
Floppy 1 1


For the technical side, the two embark two power rails for +12 V, with an intensity of 18A (V1 and V2) and 30A (V1 and V2) for VP450F and VP550F, respectively. Antec also mentions the presence of protection systems within its PSUs, including OCP, OVP, OPP, OTP, UVP, SCP, or SIP.

Below, you will find two tables summarizing the specifications:

Regarding the cooling system, the information is very thin about it. We only know that it comes with a “PWM” 120 mm fan-type. The manufacturer does not release figures on its technical characteristics and merely qualify as silent. We will see in the first independent analysis, if this is really the case.

Antec has not yet indicated the exact pricing and availability of these two power supplies.

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