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Antec ISK100 Mini-ITX Desktop

It seems that all of my builds end up taken to extremes where I not only use one of the largest full tower chassis’, I have a full water cooling setup on the CPU and the card in SLI. Beyond that I tend to run my hardware within an inch of instability and eek every last drop of performance from my desktop rigs. With reviewing here I had the need to buy a Mini-ITX Atom board to house in some of the smaller chassis’ we see here at TweakTown.

Since I got the delivery from, I have been striving to make better use of it than just a display piece for reviews.

With the recent purchase of a new Samsung TV for my living room, I took the Thermaltake Element Q and set the ZOTAC board to work on a more daily basis in my HTPC setup. As time went on, I realized I was streaming a lot of the movies from the router and had little use for the optical drive I had installed. The second thing that I came to notice was that the onboard video was more than capable of running my TV, so I could ditch the VGA and lessen the electrical draw. This left me wanting another chassis to try out in my HTPC setup that was built more to my new found needs.

Antec has developed the newer line of cases called the ISK series. There are a few chassis’ in the lineup that offer various features and a range of sizes. Today we are going to take a look at the smallest chassis in that lineup, and it just so happens that this chassis is a better fit to my own personal needs as well. The chassis in question is the ISK100 and we are going to be taking a good look at it today. Join me in seeing just what the ISK offers and just how much Antec packed into this Mini-ITX chassis.


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