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Antec Fusion Remote Black Micro ATX Media Center / HTPC Case

Antec Fusion Remote Black Micro ATX Media Center / HTPC Case

Price: $139.95

Combining silence, convenience, and style, the Fusion Remote Black is an excellent enclosure for a home theater PC. With its triple chamber design and dual 120mm fans, this case runs quietly and coolly. The Fusion Remote Black boasts an included remote control and media management software for maximum ease of use.


  • With True Enhanced Performance.
  • Latest Technical Development.

User Reviews

Overall I was impressed with this HTPC case. Installation of the hard drives, motherboard, and power supply went well. The cable management is also decent.

I ran into problems when trying to install my optical drive. You need to have it in the correct position in order for the front “tray open” button to contact the drive properly. The bracket that holds the optical drive does not have slotted screw holes so if your drive doesn’t line up exactly with the existing holes, you can not screw the drive in. I had to drill out new holes in the bracket in order to mount the drive. The bracket can accommodate 2 5.25″ drives, but the top spot is taken up with the LCD display. Oddly enough, the top mounting spot did have slotted screw holes?!?

The case is quite despite 2 120mm exhaust fans. The LCD display is decent except for when the PC is turned off, the display gets obnoxiously bright and displays the time. The power and HDD lights may also be a little bright when you are in a dark room.

The software included for the LCD display and remote is OK, however, I don’t have experience with other remote/display software to compare to. When the software was installed, it says there was an update and asked if I wanted to download it. The download never occurred but the update app stayed on my task bar and never let me close it. I ended up uninstalling the software and downloading the latest from the manufactures website.

Overall, I am pleased with this case especially after reading reviews of other cases being almost impossible to install components if you didn’t install them in the proper order.

 — Good design but room for improvement

The case is great. It has a lot of nice details such as rubber pads to absorb vibration and a mounting system for hard drives that isolates them on soft bushings to minimize drive noise. Ventalation

The power supplu is mounted upside down in a separate compartment from the motherboard. There is an extension for the 24 pin power cable, but the P4 cable might be a problem. I would buy a p4 cable extension or Molex to p4 cable with this case, unless you are sure that your cables will reach.

The VFD loks kind of cheap and the remote looks and feels cheap. The Soundgraph iMon software that drives it is limited. I would consider buying the non-VFD version and a different VFD.

 — Great HTPC case, LED diaplay/Remote so/so

This is a great high quality case the size of a stereo receiver. 2x 120mm included fans keep the case cool enough that I didn’t need fans on the graphics card or the CPU (Core2Duo), but you should use a very good heat sink. The power supply is in a separate chamber, which keeps the heat isolated from the mainboard. PCI(e) slots are normal height, so a low profile video card is not needed. Fans vent to the side, so make sure you have space for the air to flow out.

LCD display shows some basic information, but is mostly not used by me for anything useful. The included iMon software isn’t as good as the Windows Media Center software, so I don’t use it except to control the system with the included remote. Although the remote can control the mouse and input text, I recommend a good wireless keyboard with built-in trackball mouse for this system as the remote is only good for basic tasks and not for typing. I’m also getting a fingerprint reader for quick logons vs. having to type in a password.

Lots of sound dampening pads are used, such as under the power supply, for the hard drives, the case feet and a strip along the top where the lid fits on the case.

Instructions were vague and could be confusing on a few minor points. The front of the case (wires to display, etc) were pre-installed, which is a plus since the instructions were confusing if you have to do it yourself.

Overall, I love this case and it looks good in my living room. Just wish Amazon would support APO addresses more as I couldn’t get them to ship this directly.

Great HTPC Case

Reasonable price; sturdy chassis with good air flow; fans are quiet;
remote with good LCD display features of multi-language; software can play most video formats.

Fans’ speeds are manually controlled, no connector for motherboard.
Only micro-ATX or smaller form-factor motherboard will fit; only short video or expansion cards will fit, (9.4 inches or shorter). Only has space for two 3.5 inch hard drives and one CD/DVD drive. Remote’s 4 direction D-pad is difficult to use.
Needs better instruction manual.

Antec Micro Fusion Black HTPC case

Found this to be a decent & solidly designed case that was easy to setup in most areas. the enclosure has great cooling with a nice built-in display and remote control functionality. A little disappointed in the limited disk drive capacity (2 Max) The instruction provided were rather slim, instalation of the CD/DVD drive was not clear at all. The entite plastic face has to be removed from your CD/DVD drive. Overall very satified for the price paid. The software provided with the unit to interface its remote etc. is not very intuitive to use. Overall Better instructions would go a long way to improve my ratings of the hardware and supplied software!

Great Home Theatre enclosure

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