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An Android PC in a USB Key

Update 1: Pre-Order Availability

Update 2: Video Review


FXI presents its original concept, to turn a USB key into a PC plug into a TV, a process made possible by the growing power of the ARM processors for our beloved smartphones keeping the heat generation and consumption limited.

Named FXI Cotton Candy, it uses the relationship between the cloud that represent the filaments of sugar and that would form the USB stick…

It is now possible to walk around with your PC in your pocket, its weight of 21 grams will be one of its major assets. Connected to the TV with the HDMI port, this USB key will be able to display a real computer desk and use the USB port for power. The USB can also be used in mass storage mode with the ability to boot the operating system on a netbook, for example. Under the hood is an ARM Cortex-A9 dual-core 1.2 GHz joined by 1GB of DRAM. The GPU is a Mali-400MP 4 cores, capable of decoding HD streams in 1080p.

Equipment worthy of a high-end smartphone, then!

It’s possible to connect an external display via an HDMI  port, but you can also connect the  Cotton Candy into a computer’s USB port and launch an Android  environment on a Mac or PC. This lets you run Android apps on a Windows  or OS X computer, or transfer files between your Mac or PC and the USB  stick by dragging and dropping.

Bluetooth will tke care of connecting a keyboard and mouse, while with the WiFi b/g/n you will be able to connect to the internet to find your data in the cloud, no matter the place where you stand as long as you have access to the Internet. To store the operating system or files, a micro SD slot is builtin and can accommodate a maximum of 64GB.

Availability is announced for late 2012 at a price less than $200. Pre-orders at

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