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Amkette Wi-Key Touch keyboard Review

Managing DVDs is a pain- they get scratched and storing them takes up a lot of space. This is why people shifted to storing movies on portable hard drives. To view the movies on a television, users started to connect a PC to the flat panel television. Pretty soon, this setup got a name- HTPC (Home Theatre PC) setup. However, most people struggled to find a good wireless keyboard+ touchpad combo, which did not cost a bomb. This is the Amkette Wi-Key wireless keyboard and touchpad combo, designed to possibly fit that void. Setting up the wireless keyboard is not a problem. Plug in the USB receiver to the PC, and ensure that the 2AAA size batteries are inserted in the bay on the keyboard. With the Windows 7 PC I tested this on, the installation took a couple of minutes. A driver was downloaded from Microsoft Update and the installation went ahead in the unattended mode. Also, there is no need to install any separate software.


The build of this keyboard is quite good. Even though it is plastic throughout, there are no creaks or rough edges. The dark grey matte finish of the keyboard lends it a classy look. The keys themselves are black, but with the matte finish, they won’t look smudged.

This is an 88-key layout and the number keys are shared with some alphabet and symbol keys. The “fn” key needs to be deployed for these. On the top is a row of buttons which offer one touch commands- Home, Search, Email and Favourites.  A bunch of keys to deal with media playback are also here. The pause/play, stop and volume up and down are placed to the top right side of the keyboard.

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