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AMD Wireless TV – No Additional Hardware Required

AMD is joining with software partner Vivu to go head to head against Intel’s WiDi streaming video. The new solution, dubbed is AMD Wireless TV and will stream wirelessly from virtually any AMD Fusion powered PC to an HDTV with no additional hardware required.

The technology works by streaming video content over a regular 820.11n wireless connection, and uses Adobe Flash Player and a prototype software solution from ViVu.


This means that, on the notebook/netbook side, the technology only requires the installation of a special app which would enable the system to stream video content to a wide variety of WiFi-enabled gadgets.

“Consumers want to stream from their PCs onto their TVs but don’t want to pay a huge premium to do so, nor do they want to choose between a growing number of conflicting ways to do it,” said Rob Enderle, principal analyst for the Enderle Group.

“ViVu turns virtually any AMD Fusion powered-PC into a potential low latency streaming device, and most of the current generation of smart TVs into receivers of this content without adding any additional hardware cost.

“As a result, ViVu successfully addresses both the need to stream a user’s media to their smart TV and the requirement that it also be inexpensive and easy,” concluded the company’s rep.

The demo took place during CES 2011 and the two companies expect the technology to be available in the consumer space sometime by the end of the year. The enclosed video was taken during the show.

AMD and ViVu Demonstrate Wireless Streaming Video


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