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AMD Fusion & HTPC

I’ve found the cash for my new build and things have moved on a lot in HTPC land in the last few months. Better looking cases are appearing – affordable fanless PSU’s etc. I sat down today to sort out my order on PCCG but checked in on WP before I did.

Turns out AMD have a completely new architecture for small form processors. Its called AMD Fusion and it kicks the Intel Atom ION something shocking.

Anyone else heard or know about this stuff? PCCG have an mini-ITX Mobo & chip available for preorder now (stock should arrive tomorrow). This looks really good if the processor is only 18W TDU = less heat = less fans or fanless etc etc etc.

I’m not big on mini-ITX due to lack of expansion slots but there is word that mATX boards and seperate CPU’s are on the way. I may have to hold off again and see how this plays out.

This video is an early demo of the capabilities of the APU (gone is CPU with built in GPU) and I’m impressed.

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