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AMD Fusion APUs to Power Multiple Low-Power PC Systems

AMD’s Fusion APUs (accelerated processing units) have been one of the most pleasant surprises of early 2011, their rate of adoption being, in fact, a whole lot more impressive than most people might have expected.

And that’s because, according to AMD, multiple ODMs (original design manufacturers) have apparently decided to adopt the company’s new technologies, including here the likes of Clevo, Compal, ECS, Hasee, MSI and Shuttle, with even more partners coming in the future, such as MSI, Tul, WeiBu or Jehe.

In other words, users can expect quite a large number of APU-based products to arrive on the market over the course of 2011, whether we’re talking about notebooks or HDPCs (high-definition PCs).

In fact, HDPCs will most likely enjoy quite a high level of success, allowing users to enjoy good-quality multimedia content coming from a very thin box, made possible by the all-on-board (AOB) motherboard design offered by AMD’s APUs, the built-in support for DirectX 11, as well as the presence of DVI and HDMI interfaces for connecting to a high-definition display.

“AMD Fusion APUs provide significant advantages in power and design simplicity over competing multi-chip solutions, translating into unique and innovative PC form factors, and ultimately an amazing user experience,” said David Kenyon, corporate vice president, Worldwide Channel Marketing, AMD, adding that “we are working closely with our ODM partners to help them build the small-form-factor, long-battery-life PCs that can help them differentiate from the competition and succeed in today’s competitive market.”

Of course, we’re all eagerly waiting to see the new products powered by AMD’s Fusion APUs hit the market, as we’re quite sure that they’ll pose quite a threat to all the Intel-powered machines out there, thus providing an increased level of competition on this specific market (which is, in fact, a very good piece of news for end-consumers).

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