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Alpenfohn Panorama Review – Home Theatre cooling on the cheap

An efficient cooler in a HTPC (home theatre PC) is vital, the Alphenfohn Panorama is just that type.

It takes the classic low-profile design that can still fit into a slimline PC case and yet provide efficient high-performance cooling without excessive noise levels.

Its main problem is that it has some fine competition.

The classic Zalman Super Flower Cooler is still one of the best on the market or the more recent Scythe Shuriken with its full 120mm fan is another.

With a 100mm square fan and standing 66mm high the Alphenfohn Panorama ticks the boxes for good design though.

As usual it offers a modular mounting kit and back-brackets to enable it to fit to most processor sockets. The fan is just 15mm high and comes with a standard 4-pin power connector.

Speeds go from 800 up to 2000 rpm with noise levels going from 14 up to 22dB and the rated airflow is 38m3/h.

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