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After the H.264… here is the H.265.

The successor of H.264 codec, named H.265, could happen in its final form in January 2013.

The new HD and Ultra HD (4K and 8K) content formats and the progress in terms of video compression-decompression algorithms require the creation and use of new codecs. In fact, the well known and widely used  but older H.264(almost 10 years next year, anyway…) used to encode HD video from our Blu-ray or “holiday videos” for example, can yield its place to H.265 in January 2013.

Called HEVC for High Efficiency Video Coding, the H.265 codec will cover the definitions from the outdated 320 x 240 pixels to any youngster 7680 x 4320 pixels, also known as “Ultra HD” or “8K”.

The use of H.265 would not only win image quality for the same weight but also in some cases to offer a space saving of about 35 to 65% thereby reducing the size of the generated files . Convenient for the transit of HD and Ultra HD streaming on the net without blowing the bandwidth needed.

All that remains is t the manufacturers and software publishers to offer chips and compatible software solutions that support this new codec to take off this new standard. And in a few years, we can enjoy our favorite videos in 7680 x 4320 pixels in 3D without glasses on our 150″ screens…

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