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Affordable projector displays an image of 80″ at 1.3m away

It should arrive by the end of July to stores in Japan, a Sony LCD projector capable of displaying images up to 80 inches at a distance of 1.3 meters. The new model (VPL-BW120S) was created to provide a compact and more affordable than similar products. In Japan, the projector will cost to the consumer 80 000 yen, equivalent to about $ 1000.

Perfect for small spaces, the product is intended for basic needs of consumers, such as watching movies and TV shows or playing video games. The maximum resolution is 1280×800 pixels, with brightness of 2600 Lumens (making it easy to view even in bright environments) and 4000:1 contrast.

Still no word on when the projector will be sold outside Japan.

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