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Acer Revo 2 with RevoPad Emerges from IDF (Intel Developers Show)

The IDF show is starting to bring out some exciting news, especially about all the great Intel-based gear that’s steadily pouring out. And one of the more interesting items so far is the Acer Revo 2, complete with RevoPad, pictured below.


The Revo2 from Acer boasts an Intel CE4100 processor running Windows Media Center, HDMI port, Ethernet port, optical and analog audio ports, three USB ports, and an onboard hard drive, though we don’t yet know the specific size of that drive.

If you’re thinking that the RevoPad looks a lot like the ThinkPad, then you’re not alone there. And that RevoPad even gets its own charging cradle inside the Revo 2, allowing it to slip right out of sight when not needed and be pulled out ready to go on demand. Even better, once you take it out of the cradle, it can be a mousing alternative with a volume dial already mounted in, and touching a button turns it into a touchscreen keyboard.

If you’re looking to go the home theater PC route, you may well want to take a closer look at the Revo2 when it emerges, though sadly, we don’t know when or for how much…yet.

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