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Acer H9500BD 1080p Projector Review

There are 5 different ranges of Acer’s home cinema projectors, and series 9 represents the high end models. The H9500BD is a DLP projector that displays a Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) and 3D compatibility.


Picture quality in 2D and 3D

Two HDMI inputs

No crosstalk in 3D



Makes a high-pitched whistling sound

Unsophisticated remote

Rainbow effect visible in scenes with a lot of contrast


The Acer H9500BD is the first projector we’ve seen that makes a decent job of 3D video, with a picture that doesn’t suffer any crosstalk.  Better still, once it’s set up probably, it doesn’t have any real problems in 2D either.  Our only criticism would be that it isn’t as bright as its SXRD or Tri-LCD rivals.

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