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Acer H5370BD: 720p 3D DLP projector

Acer today unveils the successor of the H5360BD, a 720p 3D Ready DLP projector with the Acer H5370BD. On the program, the recovery of which has already been the success of its predecessor with a 3D compatibility without the addition of an external box, native 24p playback, and a very affordable price.

This new 720p DLP projector still integrates a DarkChip chip (0.62″), coupled with Acer ColorBoost II + colour compensation technology, and offers a brightness of 2500 lumens as H5360BD and a slightly higher contrast ratio of 3300:1. Zoom and focus should, for sure, remain manual, hoping perhaps the appearance of a CMS. New in the new models are connectivity with two HDMI 1.4 MHL compatible and the adition of a 2D/3D conversion function.

The release date is unspecified, for the price it should logically be located around $699.

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