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AC Ryan Veolo Media Center Review

AC Ryan is back on the media centre market with the Veolo. What added value does it offer? This media streamer includes Android Market and all its applications. AC Ryan hasn’t stopped there however. The Veolo is a very comprehensive product: 1 GHz ARM processor, gyro style remote with a keyboard and Gigabit network. It should, then, have plenty of ammunition to stand down the challenge from its main competitors.


Android Market included

High throughput HD video playback

Rapid wired network

HD audio bitstream

Responsive Internet browser


Built-in wi-fi very slow

No video jukebox

Interface somewhat neglected

No applications for TV usage

Media decoding good but down on some of the competition


This AC Ryan Veolo Android media centre stands out from the competition thanks to the Android content Market. However the media interface could be better, and we can only hope it develops as time goes by with the addition of a video jukebox or an Android 4.0 upgrade. The four star rating is well justified, though, as the inclusion of Market a real bonus.

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