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AC Ryan Playon!HD2 Review

AC Ryan has updated its flagship media centre with the Playon!HD2 stuffed with new features. We’re now in the era of USB 3, social networks and Ethernet Gigabit. AC Ryan has however still been able to use the know-how built up previously, with strong multimedia compatibility and access to a multimedia jukebox, reworked for this new model.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the glossiest of them all?

The small black box is identical in shape to the first generation Playon!HD but now has a glossy black coating. It certainly attracts your attention but is also a magnet for dust and finger marks.

Inserting a 3.5″ hard drive is easy enough via the side slot and doesn’t require any screwing/unscrewing. There’s a new, slimmer remote, but it’s still of average quality. The buttons aren’t very convincing, you often have to press firmly for the command to be registered.



Multimedia decoding

Nice interface

High performance, well-designed multimedia jukebox

Network playback

SDHC reader / USB 3.0


Low network speeds when copying files

Browser sometimes slows down

Web services poorly thought out and too heavy

Audio part needs improvement

Remote a bit cheap looking

A very good media centre that will delight those wanting to playback video files easily and effectively. Compatibility is excellent and the jukebox impressive. It doesn’t get a 5-star rating because the audio side could be considerably improved.
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