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Abee Acubic M20: Aluminum Compact Case for HTPC

The Japanese manufacturer Abee has unveiled a new PC case for those who intends to mount an HTPC type setup, that is to say, a living room computer.

With dimensions of 22.9 x 22.9 x 24.9 inches for a weight of 3.4 kg, this all aluminum PC case can accommodate a Mini-ATX motherboard (17 x 17 cm) and an extension card (eg graphics card) with a maximum length of 20 centimeters.

It offers a 2.5-inch and a 3.5-inch internal bay for a hard drive or SSD and an 5.25-inch external slot for a DVD burner or a combo Blu-ay/DVD. It also offers connectivity at the front that includes two USB 3.0 ports, a headphone jack and a microphone jack.

As for heat dissipation, it relies on the various air grids and a 12 inches fan in the front that works up to 1000 rpm and it’s quiet.

The price is around $320.


  1. Brad says:

    Er…huh? An empty HTPC case for $320.00? No LCD or VFD display, no motherboard? Why would I buy this? It’s pretty, but there are other cases like the Silverstone SG-07, Lian PC-V351 etc. that are nicer, which cost much less.

    Bad pricing if you ask me.

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