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A75 Motherboards Roundup

Advanced on-board graphics put AMD’s Llano-based APU far ahead of Intel’s Sandy Bridge architecture, at least when it comes to 3D apps. But you’ll still need a new motherboard to support the Socket FM1 platform. Tom’s Hardware tested six affordable contenders.

Never before has the term “adequate” sounded so good.

Following years of what we were expected to recognize as groundbreaking advances in integrated graphics (which were almost always completely insufficient for gaming, mind you), the Llano APU’s Radeon HD 6500-series graphics processors are the first to actually support a minimum level of playability across many popular 3D titles. While we discovered that fast DDR3 memory plays a role in improving graphics performance, this is incidentally what we were led to expect from Intel’s HD Graphics 3000, but never actually saw.

  • ASRock A75M
  • Asus F1A75-M Pro
  • ECS A75F-M2
  • Gigabyte A75M-UD2H
  • Jetway TA75MG
  • MSI A75MA-G55


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