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A TV box with Kinect built-in projected by Microsoft?

The Kinect camera for motion recognition from Microsoft, was a Xbox 360 real success, and soon will be adapteded to PC via Windows 8, could be created in the form of a box connected to TV! The The Daily site seems to confirm this by providing some details included. Some answers right here!

A set up Box system, controlled not only by hand gestures, but also by the voice.

A device for the time being kept secret on its final form, and a product described as “cheap with a wider user base.” He would have no less than three codenames says The Daily (“Kinect Box,” “Live Box” or “Kinect HD”), it also provides a “simple” HDMI/USB cable.

A case that would be simple, and that would play some “basic” games, but whose main function is to play movies (Netflix, ESPN) or music (and movies) via Zune, or other applications .

The “Kinect Box” would be sold at around $200 (instead of 150 dollars depending on the site) and there was a time the release was projected to the beginning of 2012 but it was rejected.

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