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A “to do everything” Android box soon in your living room?

The Tungsten project presented at the previous Google I/O could result in Google branded products.

At the last Google I/O event, the giant has introduced version 4.0 of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, but also the Tungsten project.

This project draws on the Google Android system but also in another project called Android@Home. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Tungsten project is being finalized and will offer just another brick in the ecosystem of the green robot.

This tiny brick would allow, for instance to connect the speakers of the house and play music on Google Music. It would be controlled by a mobile or a tablet running Android 4 and could also be used as home automation relays to monitor power consumption, turn on a washing machine or turn off the light. This programmable case led by Android will be produced and marketed directly by Google.

Even if we do not yet know the technical specifications of this mysterious box from Google, it represents a new gamble for the company. Hopefully this time, Tungsten seduces by offering something new and exploitable, supported by major manufacturers, to avoid the failure as was the case, for example, with the first version of Google TV.

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