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A NAS with XBMC Media Center

Thecus, a NAS manufacturer, announced today a new feature for some of its NAS: the “Local Display“. Actually, this is the possibility of using the HDMI output of some models (those Atom-based) to transform the NAS into a Media Center. With Local Display, Thecus adds the famous XBMC Media Center software to their NAS devices, which can play most video formats on the market.

In addition to support for XBMC, you can surf the Internet by plugging a keyboard and mouse (Firefox browser is proposed) and even connect a DVB-T  USB decoder to watch TV and record their favorite shows.

Good idea, the video output can also be used to manage the NAS directly on a screen, without using a third device and a web interface.

The company does not provide compatibility list, but all the NAS based on x86 technology and equipped with an HDMI output should be compatible.

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