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A 100″ laser projector by LG

LG launched the hostilities a few days of CES 2013, by announcing a new 100″ laser projector, the HECTO.

Put in development for several years, now to position itself as an credible alternative to LED and Plasma screens, the projector should take its game with its ability to display a diagonal image of 100″ without however need to be placed further away from the surface to which it will be projected. In effect, LG announces  that 60 inches will be enough, and it may further be used in full light conditions. No need to turn off all lights and switch to “cinema mode” to appreciate it.

Beside this, HECTO should have a 10W speakers, 3 HDMI ports, audio output, an RS-232 interface, a Smart TV function, Magic Remote control and WiDi compatibility. The life of the laser should be able to exceed 25,000 hours. This is about 5 times better than a conventional projector lamp!

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