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5 Reasons why Moovida 2.0.2. is a BIG release

Moovida’s latest release, version 2.0.2., may not seem like much to the naked eye, but underneath this release’s tranquil exterior lies an earth shattering component.

The new feature in question is Moovida’s enhanced Video Identifier. At Moovida we consider this feature to be part of one of the cardinal rules of what makes a media center [1] great. ”Why should I care?” may you ask. Here are the 5 reasons:

1) Embellish your media collection instantly

Besides the obvious video identifying, this function allows Moovida to accurately categorize the movies your import, matching them with the right film and synopsis info from our very own online database, automatically decorating your collection with cover art.

2) Save time

A mediocre video identifier will classify only a small fraction of your media files, which means you’ll have to waste a large chunk of precious time doing chimpanzee work, renaming files so that the program can distinguish “Weekend at Bernie’s” from “Weekend at Bernie$%s” [dramatization]. Why go through the trouble when you can use a media player that takes care of the dirty work for you? Moovida now accurately categorizes over 93% [2] of videos and covers by identifying these based on its content, not only its file name.

3) Multi-language support

Although Moovida’s official language of communication is English, we have many fans out there that ask “porqué can’t I have the synopsis in my language, especially if the file is not in English, it don’t make sense!”. Well Moovida has one of the only video identifiers out there that take this reasoning into account, providing plot summaries in English, French and Spanish, with much more languages on the way.

4)  TV Series identification a cinch

Moovida doesn’t mess around. It will correctly identify any series you import in 100% of cases [3], classified by season.

5) Moovida fills in the blanks

Imagine you get your hands on some cult silent film on DVD. There is a slight possibility Moovida won’t be able to categorize it, but since we rather die of shame than leave a cover poster bare, Moovida automatically generates the covers of non-identified films using thumb nailing.

Not only that, there are less resources consumed by the Video Identifier, so the rest of the interface responds better.

Not convinced? Test it against competitors, and let us know who ranks better.

– Moovida identifies 50% more videos, TV shows and covers.
– Multi-language support for the Video identifier.
– Faster identification with special optimization for TV Series.
– The synopsis of the movie is chosen depending on the user’s language.
– Correctly selects between movies or TV series depending on the size of the file.
– Automatically generates the covers of non-identified films via thumb nailing.
– Less resources consumed by the Video Identifier, so the rest of the interface responds better.
– New method to identify movies depending on its content, not only the name of the filename.


[1] Let me clarify my use of the word media center. Although this release is with Moovida Core, the media player interface, Moovida will soon be releasing the media center interface, Moovida Immersed, which will also benefit from the enhanced Video Identifier in this release.

[2] Based on a study conducted by Moovida with 2,471 movie files.

[3] Based on a study conducted by Moovida with 249 TV show files.




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